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In 2011 two visual artists, Marty Wong and Tolmie MacRae met when their respective bands

Meniscus and Mish performed at The Annandale Hotel. Their mutual interest in the visuals arts,

performance and live music (and Marty owning a video projector) was the start of an ongoing

collaboration that in 2013 officially became Tame the Pixels.


Tame the Pixels were founded on the understanding that a collective mind is greater than its

individual parts. We’re open to working with fellow artists to incorporate more artistic forms into

the collective, often calling on friends as collaborators when needed to achieve our creative goals.


Fellow collaborators have included Dennis Watkins (Sydney Opera House / newtheatricals),

Paul Mac (Musician/Producer), Brendan Maclean (Musician), Matt Format (Performer),

House of Mince (Club Promoters), Velvet Hammer (Club Promoters) & Tortuga Studios

(In the Night Garden).


Martin Wong

Tolmie MacRae

Martin (Marty) Wong is a digital producer & mixed media artist based in Sydney, Australia.


Currently studying a Bachelor of Digital Media from the UNSW - Art & Design his works incorporate digital media, graphic design, digital/analogue photography, interactive and installation art practices.


In 2015 Marty was successfully offered a position in the Fine Arts Residency Program through Brand X providing him a work studio to further support his artistic development and career sustainability.


Marty has had work exhibited in Tortuga Studios and Monstrosity Gallery and has made promos, VJ or created video installations for the following companies/promoters/bands:


  • Sydney Opera House
  • newtheatricals
  • Bad Dog
  • Woofclub
  • Harbour City Bears
  • Extra Dirty
  • Velvet Hammer
  • The House of Mince
  • and is an active member of Sydney based post-rock band Meniscus


Works non-related to Tame the Pixels can be viewed on his website.



Tolmie MacRae is a digital artist predominately working in video. His practice has moved towards interactive installations and theatre. He is interested in the nexus of digital technologies and video with human movement and emotion exploring a synergy of the physical and digitally ephemeral. Tolmie along with Marty is interested in collaborations of all scales believing a project is greater than the sum of its parts.


Tolmie has been commissioned by newtheatricals, Erth Physical & Visual and Gallery Burlesque. He has also presented works for Tortuga Studios and dLux Media.


He is also a member of the Sydney progressive metal group MISH.

Client: newtheatricals

Project: The Addams Family Musical - Opening Night After Party

Client: Meniscus

Project: DBT (Music Video)

Client: Fosslr

Project: Fosslr Explainer

Client: Sydney Opera House

Project: Sydney Opera House 40th Anniversary Concert

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